Interesting post on Accessibility from the MIT team

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Interesting post from the MIT Usability web site.  “Usability refers to how well users can learn and use a product to achieve their goals and how satisfied they are with that process.”

Chris Cabrera Thompson, DITT, UCLA Library

Electronic Accessibility Update

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After meeting and working with Patrick Burke at UCLA on web site improvements to the UCLA Library Web site, I have to say that this is an invaluable site for moving forward on accessibility issues for your site.  have a look and follow his recommendations!


UCLA Library

Evidence-Based User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting, June 21

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Excellent event.  I hope to attend.  detail below.




Chris Cabrera Thompson, Web Services, Digital Initiatives and Information Technology

University Of California, Los Angeles, 22484 Charles E. Young Research Library, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1575
Voice: 310.206.6638, Twitter: @ccthompson

NN/g’s Usability Week helps you get up to speed on user experience best practices so you can create successful interfaces.

  • 7 days of in-depth, full-day courses
  • Proven methods and best practices
  • Practical skills
  • Expert instructors
  • No sales pitches

Training Courses at San Francisco Usability Week

You can select one course per day. Each course runs from 9am until 5pm.
Print a schedule overview (PDF)

Saturday June 21, 2014

UX Basic Training

Be an effective UX professional: Know the lingo and sell the process

Sunday June 22, 2014

Interaction Design: 3-Day Course

Principles, processes, and techniques of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

— OR —

Usability Testing

Plan, conduct, and analyze your own in-person usability studies

— OR —

User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know

Apply human-computer interaction (HCI) research findings to inform and defend UX decisions

— OR —

Mobile User Experience

Essential UX Design Principles for Small-Screen Websites and Apps

Monday June 23, 2014

Interaction Design: 3-Day Course

Principles, processes, and techniques of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

— OR —

Content Strategy: Day 1

Business value and processes behind a successful content strategy

— OR —

Information Architecture: Day 1

Organize and structure information to improve findability and discoverability

— OR —

Scaling User Interfaces

Usability for Responsive Web Design and Other Approaches to Designing Websites for Multiple Devices

— OR —

Lean UX and Agile

Applying Lean UX approaches for Agile environments

Tuesday June 24, 2014

Interaction Design: 3-Day Course

Principles, processes, and techniques of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

— OR —

Content Strategy: Day 2

Use formats and guidelines to create strong cross-media content and define your tone of voice

— OR —

Information Architecture: Day 2

Navigation components and menu styles

— OR —

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 1

Basic components and patterns of mobile design

— OR —

Online and Remote User Testing

Get same-day user feedback on your design with remote testing tools such as

Wednesday June 25, 2014

The Human Mind and Usability

Apply psychology principles to predict and explain how your customers think and act

— OR —

The One-Person UX Team Tool Box

Usability techniques and strategies to maximize your impact when you are the sole UX specialist on your project or in your organization

— OR —

Measuring User Experience

UX metrics and quantitative usability studies to measure the effectiveness and business value of your design

— OR —

Visual Design for Mobile and Tablet: Day 2

Advance into more challenging design solutions for mobile

— OR —

Credibility and Persuasive Web Design

Convince people to stay on your site, believe it, and take desirable actions

Thursday June 26, 2014

Top Web UX Design Guidelines

The most important usability findings for improving website ROI, based on thousands of user studies worldwide

— OR —

Copy Tactics and Optimization

Small text changes, big wins

— OR —

Application Design for Web and Desktop

Principles of application design, with an analysis of GUI screen components, workflows and varying types of users

— OR —

Emerging Patterns for Web Design

Innovative trends that impact the user experience

— OR —

Analytics and User Experience

Helping UX practitioners understand how to incorporate web analytics into their work

Friday June 27, 2014

Intranet Design Trends and Best Practices

Enterprise UX strategies to increase employee productivity, communication, and satisfaction

— OR —

Web Page Design

The Anatomy of High-Performing Web Pages

— OR —

Wireframing and Prototyping

Quick and cost-effective technique for identifying major usability issues early with sketches and paper

— OR —

University Websites

Create exemplary college websites with limited resources and organizational challenges

Sneak Preview – UCLA Library Homepage Mock Up – Your thoughts?

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What: Drop in (30 min) Sessions & Opportunity to Comment on Print Outs
Where: Young Research Library – 1st Floor Pod
When: Drop-in during the following times
Mon. Feb. 24 (1-4 pm)
Tues. Feb. 25 (1-4 pm)
Wed. Feb. 26 (10-Noon)

UX Boot Camp March 11-15, 2013

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Have a look at the agenda for this conference!

The program is designed to accommodate a diverse range of participants including industrial designers, UX researchers, UI designers, usability specialists, and software and web developers. The curriculum was carefully designed to reflect emerging market conditions and employer demands.

The program highlights the growing importance of the user experience as a strategic business advantage and a point of differentiation in mature or hypercompetitive markets. As a leading business university, Bentley is uniquely positioned to deliver this perspective in a thoughtful and challenging learning experience. The five-day program is organized around five themes:

  • Elements of the user experience
  • User research and market segmentation
  • Design Implementation and innovation
  • Assessment and measurement
  • Process improvement and success metrics.

Chris Cabrera Thompson
UCLA Library

Accessibility Camp Los Angeles

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On 10/11/12 2:23 PM, “Patrick Burke” <> wrote:

Hi all,I know Phil P posted this before, but here’s a reminder/update. There

are currently about 80 people signed up, so there should be plenty of

chances to tackle any web accessibility topic you’d care to name.  Patrick (will be there…)



Welcome to the home of the first Accessibility Camp Los Angeles, taking place at the CSU Northridge University Student Union (18111 Nordhoff Street) on Saturday October 20. This free event is held in association with: The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup, The Los Angeles Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup, and the Los Angeles PHP Developers Meetup Groups.

Focusing on users with different disabilities, sessions can cover digital accessibility topics from the web, desktop software, mobile apps, eLearning, online gaming, and everything in between. Watch this brief video from the firstAccessibility Camp Toronto to get a feel for what to expect during the day.

Regardless of your level of knowledge, this event is for you. It will be a great opportunity for members of the design/development, usability, accessibility, other IT and end-users with disabilities communities to interact and learn from each other. We recommend you browse the Frequently Asked Questions, especially if you have never attended a participant-driven BarCamp/unconference before.

Accessibility Camp LA takes its inspiration from the first Accessibility Camp DC, which was held in October 2009. Sister events include:

Accessibility Camp Los Angeles is completely free to attendees.

  • Interested in stepping up as an event sponsor (to help pay for lunch, t-shirts, disability-related accommodations, etc.)?
  • Have a general question about the event?
  • Want to be updated by e-mail as the event takes shape?

email the event leads, Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon at a11ycampla at gmail dot com.

You can also follow event updates on Twitter via @a11ycampla.

Learn more about the Accessibility Camp Movement 

Free Drupal Training and UX support

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We will be introducing Twig into Drupal 8. Twig is a new theme engine created by the creator of Symfony.

All theme functions in core will be replaced by twig template files, meaning that for someone who needs to adjust markup – there will be only one way to do it: override a template file (not a theme function).

While we’re creating a bunch of “new” template files, we’ll get a chance to review all the markup that comes out of core, and restructure the use of these templates to be more consistent. For example, we’ll be able to provide one “wrapper” template that can be used everywhere, rather than each module creating it’s own, or adding its own wrapper around it’s special markup.

Twig can flatten & sanitize all at the time of printing, meaning we can remove the whole “process” layer that exists in Drupal 7.

Much still needs to be decided about when the template gets called, since in twig-land the template should be called first, and what slides into that template is determined by the ‘variables’ that are printed within it. This is the opposite of how things are currently rendered in drupal-land.

Our pre-process layer may actually become a post-process layer, since the template gets called first, and if a ‘variable’ is requested that Twig doesn’t know about yet, it will need to search the pre-process layer for what to print, and how it should be converted into HTML.

Twig will have it’s own way of rendering objects such as nodes, comments, and users, so we should be able to remove (or replace) the whole “render” layer in the theme (keeping it of course, for things like forms).

Let’s discuss!


Interesting session

Web Of Languages: An Introduction to Usability and Developing Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery

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*Apologies for cross-posting*

Below is an announcement for the upcoming CLA Spring Fling event, “Web Of Languages: An Introduction to Usability and Developing Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery.” Speakers include Sarah Houghton, aka the Librarian in Black (, Derek Christensen, SJSU SLIS Web Technologist ( and Cary Gordon of the Cherry Hill Co ( This program is sponsored by CLA’s Information Technology and Technical Services Interest Groups.

Registration is available here:

Suzanna Conrad
IT Interest Group Chair & Event Planner


Ever wonder what the programmers are talking about when they mention AJAX? Have you heard of jQuery but aren’t entirely sure what it is or what it does? Are you interested in learning more about usability in web design? Attend the webinar “Web of Languages: An Introduction to Usability and Developing Web Applications with AJAX and jQuery” on May 30, 2012 from 1:00pm-4:00pm PDT to find out more.

Details: “Web of Languages” introduces the basic to early intermediate librarian, library staff member, student, web developer or administrator to usability, as well as developing applications with AJAX and jQuery. Derek Christiansen, Web Technologist for San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science, will define AJAX and present a number of SJSU applications of AJAX; Cary Gordon of the Cherry Hill Company will discuss the uses of jQuery in web development; and Sarah Houghton, Acting Director of San Rafael Public Library, will provide perspective on web usability with an overview of web development techniques for library websites and web applications. The purpose of the program is to introduce these technologies and techniques so that librarians and library staff can better understand and visualize what is possible using these web development techniques.

Early bird registration (Mail-in registrations must be received by the CLA office by 5pm, May 15, to receive the early-bird registration rate):

$35 non-members

$25 CLA members

$20 student members

After May 15:

$45 non-members

$35 CLA members

$30 Student member

Registration and full program information is available on CLA’s website (

Deadline: May 29, 2012

Questions: Contact Suzanna Conrad ( or Stephanie Roach (

Program sponsored by the California Library Association’s Information Technology and Technical Services Interest Groups

Accessibility and Usability: Working Together at MIT

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An interesting talk coming up in April on Accessibility and Usability.

Chris Cabrera Thompson
UCLA Library Web services


EDUCAUSE Live! Webinar
April 4–Accessibility and Usability: Working Together at MIT

Speaker: Stephani Roberts (, Web Accessibility Consultant, MIT

Katherine Wahl (, Usability Consultant, MIT

Date: April 4, 2012

Time: 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET (UTC-4); convert to your time zone (

Topic: This free hour-long session, “Accessibility and Usability: Working Together at MIT (,” will explore the successful merging of the usability and accessibility teams in MIT’s Department of Information Services and Technology. Over two years, they have seen fewer projects slip through the cracks. The merge has provided a greater understanding of why the two practices belong together, how this can happen, and the importance of commitment from administrative leadership.

Reserve your seat now (–virtual seating is limited.

Usability Report from the Drupal 7 UX Study at Google

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Hi all,

For those of you working in the Drupal arena, have a look at this latest report:


There is also a link to the Drupalcon 2012 Denver presentation. Making Drupal easier and better.  The User interface for Content editors and publishers will improve significantly in Drupal 8!

-Chris Cabrera Thompson

UCLA Library Web services

twitter: @ccthompson