A Typical Day in the UCLA Library

What happens on a typical day in the UCLA Library?

One begins to get a picture of the activity from our latest “snapshot” day on June 4th.

  •  19,000 people walked through the doors of the libraries and there were 19,500 visits to the Library’s website.
  • Visitors to the web site viewed 108,069 pages.
  • 6,471 items were checked out of the collections and 462 items were retrieved from the storage facility for use.
  • 86 collections held by Library Special Collections were accessed.
  • The digital library collections were accessed 2,626 times and 1,584 items were retrieved for use.
  • Licensed databases were access 5,580 times and 10,947 items were retrieved for study and research.
  • 540 people asked reference questions in person and another 136 questions were answered by telephone, text message, mail, or the web.
  • 861 people used a library laptop or computer.
  • 804 people used group study or instructional rooms.

It was a busy day, and I can’t help but wonder how many cups of coffee were consumed from Cafe 451.


4 Responses to “A Typical Day in the UCLA Library”

  1. Chris S. says:

    Not to mention the popular Therapy Dogs and a well-attended yoga class!

  2. Louise Ratliff says:

    Dear Gary, Speaking of Cafe 451, it would be very nice if we could put up a poster there, commemorating Ray Bradbury. I’m not sure how many people “get” the reason for the cafe’s name.

  3. Elizabeth McAulay says:

    Amazing day, indeed! Glad to be part of this world! And I love Cafe 451, too!

  4. Diane Mizrachi says:

    Activities vary according to the time of quarter too. A “typical day” in week 2 or 3 might see a over a dozen library instructional sessions to academic classes.

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