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State Budget contains $115 million in new cuts for UC

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

The Office of the President has released information concerning the impact of the state budget on the overall budget of the University of California. To see the news release, please click the link below:

We are not sure just yet what the impact for UCLA and therefore the University Library will be for a few days yet. I am assuming, however, that we will have to use the 1% reserve that we were asked to accumulate this current year and that there will be further reductions for 2009-10. As soon as we know exactly what those might be, I will post that information here. It is still uncertain if the federal stimulus package may reduce the cuts to the University as a whole.

I submitted several budget scenarios to the campus in the past week, but it is too early to know how we might be impacted in the final budget for 2009-10.

Arcadia Fund Gift Received

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I am pleased to announce that the UCLA Library has received the largest single gift for collections in its history, $5 million from the Arcadia Fund. We’re planning to use it to support our efforts to further develop, preserve, and make accessible our world-class collections. On behalf of the Library staff and our many users, I want to express our thanks to Arcadia for this extraordinary gift, which opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for transformational changes in our collections and the services that support them.

The news release may be found at: