Happy 85th Birthday to Neutra Architecture

On Sunday April 10 I ventured out to Silverlake, for the Sunday portion of the 85th anniversary party for Neutra architecture 1926-2011, organized by Dion Neutra.  It was a self-guided tour of ten houses built by the Neutra practice, seven by Richard and three by Dion.  An added bonus at the end was a tour of the Lovell House, the house that made Neutra famous in the US in 1929.  The tour started in the VDL II House.  The first VDL House was built by Richard Neutra as his home, but burned to the ground in 1963.  The house was rebuilt by Richard and Dion as VDL II:

The tour continued with a series of apartments and houses all within a stone’s throw or two of Dion’s house on Neutra Place.

These included the Flavin House, the Inadomi House, the O’Hara House, and Treetops, an apartment building designed by Dion Neutra.  The final stop was at the Lovell House.  It is a spectacular house, especially when you remember it was built in 1929.  The house was built for the physician and naturopath Philip Lovell.  It was a turning point in Neutra’s career.  The current owner of the house, now well in to her 80s, and her son were there to greet visitors and talk about the house.  The house featured in the film LA Confidential.

I was joined on the expedition by Jane Carpenter who took these excellent pictures.

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