Message from the University Librarian about the SEL Chemistry closure

From the UCLA University Librarian Gary Strong:

“New Locations of Science and Engineering Library/Chemistry Collection

Since the Science and Engineering Library (SEL)/Chemistry closed on June 30, 2010, its chemistry and physics collections have been relocated to keep them accessible to users. Their new locations are as follows:

Reference materials: SEL/Engineering and [...]

SEL/Chemistry update: New Collection Locations

The Science and Engineering Library/Chemistry Collection is now housed primarily in the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library. The UCLA Library Catalog shows the new locations of all Chemistry Collection materials. Books and journals will be at the Biomedical Library, while most reference books will be at the SEL/Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Collection.

SEL/Chemistry update: New locations for Chemistry materials

SEL/Chemistry is on the move! Library staff have begun relocating materials previously housed in SEL/4238 Young Hall. To locate specific chemistry items, search the UCLA Library Catalog.

Books have been temporarily moved to the new Chemistry Book Section of the Biomedical Library.

Example catalog [...]