Synthesizing Thought: Historical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (on display at SEL)

The UCLA Science and Engineering Library announces a new library display entitled Synthesizing Thought: Historical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The exhibit offers a selection of books that reveal the contours of the body of work toward synthesizing intelligence over the years, with an emphasis on the rapid development in the second half of the twentieth [...]

2013 = 1889: Printable Vintage Calendars from Science Special Collections

Need a pocket-, wallet-, desk-, or fridge-calendar for 2013? Download and print our Hoyt’s German Cologne & Rubifoam advertising trade card for 1889, which matches the coming year day-for-day.

History & Special Collections for the Sciences has a small but growing Collection of medical and scientific calendars (Biomed Ms. Coll. no. 511). Many, like this [...]

GIANTmicrobes on Display at the Biomedical Library

History & Special Collections for the Sciences has purchased each new release of GIANTmicrobes® since 2004 and recently passed the century mark. 108 “plush stuffed-animal microbes [realia]” currently are on display in a case in the lobby of the Biomedical Library.

GIANTmicrobes are made to look like bacteria, blood cells, viruses, and other microbes [...]

Exhibit in Powell Library: “Public Science: Peepshows, Caskets, and Microscopes”

June – September Powell Library 2nd Floor Rotunda Free

Peepshows, caskets, and microscopes all are things found in vaults and back-room storage areas in UCLA Library Special Collections that have a wealth of historical value. Yet the lives of these objects extend beyond the Library. Microscopes are a pervasive emblem of contemporary science, but [...]

On Display in SEL: Maurice Sendak (1928-2012) and Atomics for the Millions

A mini-exhibit of reproductions of the late Where the Wild Things Are children’s book author/artist Maurice Sendak’s first illustrations in a mass-market publication, Atomics for the Millions, is on display in the Science and Engineering Library/EMS this month.

Sendak’s high school physics teacher, Hyman Ruchlis, co-authored the book in 1947 with Maxwell Leigh Eidenhoff, [...]

The Transit of Venus.. Janss Steps Viewing and 1769 Edition


The Transit of Venus … 1769 edition

UCLA astronomers invite the public to join them at the head of Janss Steps on Tuesday, June 5, from 3:06 pm until sunset, to safely use their filter-equipped telescopes to watch Venus cross the face of the Sun.

Library Special Collections will bring a rolling exhibit [...]

Hot Enough For You? The Story of Air Conditioning Pamphlet Available for Viewing at Science Special Collections

Cover of the pamphlet

The Story of Air Conditioning, a fact-filled 16-page pamphlet distributed by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Machinery Association sometime between 1940 and 1953, is available for reading at History & Special Collections for the Sciences on the 4th floor of the Biomedical Library. It also is online at: [...]

On Display: Space Shuttle Tile at the Biomedical Library

On display in the UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library lobby is one of 7,000 unused Space Shuttle tiles donated by NASA to schools and universities “that want to share technology and a piece of space history with their students,” according to the NASA Exploring Schools’ NES Teachers Corner blog.

Estimated to cost about [...]

Conversation with curator for UCLA Special Collections in medicine and the sciences

UCLA Library Special Collections Curators’ Conversations presents…

Tom Hyry, director of UCLA Library Special Collections, will converse with Russell Johnson, curator for special collections in medicine and the sciences, in a freewheeling give-and-take about what “special” means and how curators develop those collections.

Hear! about the interplay of strategy, serendipity, generosity, and [...]