New Electronic Resource: Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices

The UCLA Libraries have acquired a new electronic resource. The Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices (2014) is now available via ScienceDirect to library users on campus or accessing library resources by VPN or proxy. From the book’s description:

This book is a comprehensive reference source, bringing together a number of [...]

Tallman Collection: Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

Image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Last week, a group of scientists working with data from the BICEP2 telescope in Antarctica reported that they had observations that provide strong evidence for a Big Bang at the start of the universe, leading to cosmic inflation. These observations indicated the existence [...]

Scopus Workshops for Researchers, March 13, 2014

The UC campuses recently began a one year trial of the Scopus database. Scopus is a multidisciplinary citation and abstract database for research literature and quality web sources, offering several unique tools for tracing, analyzing and visualizing research information in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and sciences, technology and medicine.

Join us for [...]

Web of Science: Changes and New Content

The Science and Engineering Library at UCLA has upgraded its online resources!

Per UCLA’s recently enhanced subscription to the Web of Knowledge, the following resources are now available to the UCLA campus community:

Book Citation Index (for 2005-present) Conference Proceedings Citation Index (for 1990-present) Current Contents Connect (for 1998-present) Current Chemical Reactions (for 1985-present) Data [...]

SEL Tip of the Week: Beef Up Your Technology Skills With Safari Books Online

Learn software, creative, business, and personal skills with the library’s subscription to Safari Books Online! This digital library of technical e-books and videos for all levels can be accessed from home so you can learn on your own schedule.

Popular subjects include:

desktop and web applications digital media information technology and software development [...]

SEL Tip of the Week: Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Access databases, articles, and ebooks from home.. or anywhere!

The library subscribes to many online books, journals, and databases. These resources are accessible from any computer on campus. However, to access these sites from off-campus, you must set up either the Bruin OnLine Proxy Server (a simple setting in your browser) or the UCLA [...]

Synthesizing Thought: Historical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (on display at SEL)

The UCLA Science and Engineering Library announces a new library display entitled Synthesizing Thought: Historical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence. The exhibit offers a selection of books that reveal the contours of the body of work toward synthesizing intelligence over the years, with an emphasis on the rapid development in the second half of the twentieth [...]

New Licensed Resource: Foundations & Trends – nowPublishers

UCLA Library has recently licensed 31 titles in the Foundations & Trends (FnT) product line from nowPublishers that covers content in Computer & Information Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Technology, Energy, Business & Economics. A full list of titles is noted at

This unique publishing mix, launched in 2004 and which has grown steadily since [...]

Free Knovel Virtual Conference – October 15

The Knovel Virtual Conference is a FREE full-day event that will showcase how you can save time and get to the critical engineering answers you need faster.

Join Knovel on Oct. 15th for featured keynotes: “Success Strategies for Introverted Leaders” presented by Lisa Petrilli, CEO, C-Level Strategies and “Engineering in Sustainable Human Development: Challenges [...]

New Licensed Resource: MIT Press eBooks in Computer Science and Engineering via IEEE Xplore

UCLA now has access to the MIT Press eBooks Library: The Computing & Engineering Collection via IEEE Xplore. The collection includes more than 450 titles from 1943 to the present in the fields of computer science and engineering technologies, including artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology, and electrical engineering. Records for the [...]