SEL Tip of the Week: Practicing Internet Safety on Campus

Photo from Flickr user Vhorvat.

The Library Digital Initiatives and IT department recently announced that articles can now be accessed through UC e-Links even via the unauthenticated UCLA_Web wireless network. The result is that non-UCLA researchers can find and use these resources on their own devices, instead of waiting for one of a [...]

Researchers: Help Inform Data Publication Practices

Source: California Digital Library


The California Digital Library (CDL) is conducting a survey of researcher perceptions and practices around data publication. By querying them directly, the CDL hopes to gain an understanding of researchers’ desires and expectations on a variety of topics including:

peer review assigning credit dataset metrics

Researchers at [...]

2013 Nobel Laureates in Physics and Chemistry

Higgs boson CERN

by Kate Papageorge

Last month the 2013 Nobel Prizes were awarded in Stockholm, Sweden and again we at the Science and Engineering Library were awed and inspired by the accomplishments of the honorees. In the Physics category, the prize was awarded to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs for their independent contributions to the Standard [...]