SEL Tip of the Week: New SEL Research Guide on Citizen Science!

Citizen Science (CS), also known as “crowd-sourced science”, is the fast-growing practice of volunteer public involvement in the gathering, analyzing, or sorting of scientific data for research purposes… and SEL is getting in on the action!

Inspired by local UCLA projects, such as the Ozcan Research Group’s Biogames and the community data collection project [...]

SEL Tip of the Week: Melvyl vs. the UCLA Library Catalog

The UCLA Library offers two main ways for users to search for books, journals, and other media holdings in the library system: with the UCLA Library Catalog, or with Melvyl. Many library users recognize that there must be some difference between the Catalog and Melvyl — the display of each is very different, and identical [...]

Web of Science: Changes and New Content

The Science and Engineering Library at UCLA has upgraded its online resources!

Per UCLA’s recently enhanced subscription to the Web of Knowledge, the following resources are now available to the UCLA campus community:

Book Citation Index (for 2005-present) Conference Proceedings Citation Index (for 1990-present) Current Contents Connect (for 1998-present) Current Chemical Reactions (for 1985-present) Data [...]