SEL Tip of the Week: New SEL Research Guide on Citizen Science!

Citizen Science (CS), also known as “crowd-sourced science”, is the fast-growing practice of volunteer public involvement in the gathering, analyzing, or sorting of scientific data for research purposes… and SEL is getting in on the action!

Inspired by local UCLA projects, such as the Ozcan Research Group’s Biogames and the community data collection project What’s Invasive!,  the library has created a new online research guide on citizen science meant to introduce UCLA students, faculty, and staff to CS projects on campus and around the world. The guide contains general information about citizen science, links to interesting news articles and videos profiling successful citizen science projects, and lists of prominent CS projects internationally, in California, and at UCLA for those readers interested in learning more or volunteering.

The new guide also includes resources for those who may be considering implementing a citizen science project of their own. The guide highlights several library resources that explain “best practices” for citizen science, as well as online tools and library services that may facilitate the project process. Check out the new guide to begin your adventure in citizen science today!

As always, you can contact a Science and Engineering librarian with any questions or concerns about this resource, or use the guide’s interactive forms to leave suggestions and feedback.

Image Credit: National Park Service, Kevin Bacher

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