SEL Tip of the Week: Try MarinLit Database Trial

Help the Library evaluate a new research database that is being considered for possible subscription.

We have a 30 day trial (ending June 13th) for MarinLit, through the Royal Society of Chemistry.

MarinLit is a marine natural products literature database with 26,000+ article citations to date, coverage back to 1983. It’s searchable by keywords, bibliographic fields, taxonomic names, and chemical compounds. Compounds can be searched by name, (sub)structure and similarity, functional groups, NMR chemical shifts, molecular weights, and UV maxima.

Don’t miss your chance to try out this valuable resource, of which a UCSD researcher says, “There are numerous instances where, without MarinLit, we’d be trolling through hundreds of SciFinder entries at the risk of missing our mark.”

For more help using this resource, contact a Science and Engineering Librarian.

*Please note that this resource is available to anyone using computers on the UCLA campus.  Off-campus access is restricted to the UCLA community using either the Bruin Online Proxy Server or the UCLA VPN Client.

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