Raising the Impact of Research, Scholarship, and Education through Openness – Presentation at YRL

“Raising the Impact of Research, Scholarship, and Education through Openness”

Wednesday, May 14
10 a.m. – noon
Charles E. Young Research Library
Presentation Room (YRL 11348)

Technology has revolutionized the way we create and share knowledge, opening up pathways to advance and democratize research and education that are just beginning to be realized. New models that fully harness this potential are developing, from open access, which ensures the free, immediate online availability of research articles with full reuse rights, to open educational resources, which make textbooks and other materials free for anyone to use, tailor, and share.

With a systemwide faculty open access policy and one of the largest bodies of world-class scholars, the University of California system is poised to be a global leader in further leveraging these new models to expand access to knowledge, accelerate research, and reduce financial pressures.

This talk by Nick Shockey and Nicole Allen from SPARC will focus on how openness can support scholarship, benefit researchers, and improve education, including specific recommendations for how members of the campus community can get involved. Their talk is part of a daylong series of meetings with UCLA students, faculty, and staff during their week-long tour of UC campuses.

About the speakers:

Nick Shockey
Director of Student Advocacy, SPARC
As SPARC’s first director of student advocacy, Nick is responsible for growing the organization’s relationship with the student community as well as managing the Right to Research Coalition, a group of local, national, and international student organizations that advocate for researchers, universities, and governments to adopt more open scholarly publishing practices. Under Nick’s direction, the coalition has grown to represent just under seven million students in approximately one hundred countries around the world and has facilitated student lobbying in more than two hundred Congressional offices.

Nicole Allen
Director of Open Education, SPARC
Nicole leads SPARC’s work on Open Educational Resources (OER), focusing on public policy and engaging and supporting the library community on this issue. She joined SPARC in 2013 already established as a leading figure in the OER movement, with seven years of experience in advocacy and grassroots organizing on OER and related public interest issues.

Please RSVP to collections@library.ucla.edu

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