Faculty Survey – Ithaka S+R

During April 28-May 12, the UCLA Library will be administering the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey, which is an important tool for studying the impact of digital technologies on research, teaching, and publishing.

The survey, a local version of Ithaka S+R’s long-standing nationwide surveys, asks for faculty members’ perspectives on a range of topics, focusing on how they engage with and perceive the library. In particular, it seeks to gain insight into how UCLA faculty members work in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital environment.

Information gathered through the survey will help to shape the future of Library services and inform campus planning and decision-making with respect to research and teaching resources.

All ladder faculty members will receive an email invitation with a personalized link to the web-based survey. It should take no more than twenty minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, and responses are completely anonymous.

You can find further information at <www.library.ucla.edu/about/faculty-survey>. Please contact a Science and Engineering librarian if you have any questions or concerns.

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