SEL Tip of the Week: Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Access databases, articles, and ebooks from home.. or anywhere!

The library subscribes to many online books, journals, and databases.  These resources are accessible from any computer on campus.  However, to access these sites from off-campus, you must set up either the Bruin OnLine Proxy Server (a simple setting in your browser) or the UCLA VPN Client (a program you install on your computer).

Bruin OnLine Proxy Server
What is a proxy server? A proxy server forwards requests between a web browser and the requested website. When requests for restricted resources access the BOL proxy server, it will appear to originate from the UCLA campus. The BOL proxy server currently provides access to IP restricted websites.

To set up the proxy server, click on the link above and follow the directions to configure the web browser(s) you use.  With the proxy server, you will have to logon with your UCLA logon ID and password when you access resources through the library website.

An alternative to the proxy server is Virtual Private Networking (VPN).  The Bruin OnLine VPN service must be downloaded to your computer, but after downloaded you will not need to log in every time you access licensed library resources off-campus.


All off-campus access to licensed library resources is restricted to current UCLA students, faculty, and staff.

For help with setting up either the proxy server or the VPN client, please contact the Bruin OnLine (BOL) help desk at 310.267.4357.

For help with library resources, contact a science and engineering librarian.

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