2013 = 1889: Printable Vintage Calendars from Science Special Collections

Need a pocket-, wallet-, desk-, or fridge-calendar for 2013? Download and print our Hoyt’s German Cologne & Rubifoam advertising trade card for 1889, which matches the coming year day-for-day.

History & Special Collections for the Sciences has a small but growing Collection of medical and scientific calendars (Biomed Ms. Coll. no. 511).  Many, like this one, carry a scrapbook-worthy image along with details about a health product of service and perhaps even a testimonial or two.

E.W. Hoyt’s Rubifoam was a liquid dentifrice for cleaning and polishing teeth. It was sold in small, elegant glass bottles, much like the manufacturer’s colognes. Freely-distributed trade cards – a little larger than baseball cards – helped establish brand-identification and consumer loyalty. Hoyt’s cards carried an added bonus—a drop or two of the actual cologne (which has long since evaporated, but would not digitize well for this blog posting anyway). For a well-illustrated history of the company and its products, see Cliff and Linda Hoyt’s This Card Perfumed with “Hoyt’s German Cologne”.

Click on the images below for printable reproductions of the 1889 Hoyt calendar:


Come to think of it, 1895 = 2013 as well, so we also offer:


And, coming soon, the pièce de résistanceAntikamnia’s 1907 calendar (because 1907 = 2013, too), not to be missed!

Russell Johnson
History & Special Collections for the Sciences
UCLA Library Special Collections

Original blog post from UCLA Biomedical Library

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