Odysci Academic Search and Technical Collaboration

Odysci is a new search portal with a focus on computer science, electronics, and related areas. Indexed materials include ACM publications as well as IEEE computer science publications. Odysci is more of a tool for determining the relevance of research results and for scientific collaboration than a fast way to obtain a copy of that article you need, because PDFs or direct links to the text are not always included in Odysci’s search results. However, links to the publisher are included.

In addition to the standard ways of searching, Odysci offers interesting ways of tracking down information. If you’re looking for a paper by Smith while he was working at UCLA but you don’t know the name of the publication, you can search for [Smith@"university of california, los angeles"] , for example. Another feature is the ability to search for papers that won certain awards, or to browse or search for publications from a particular conference or journal. The library already gives students access to ACM and IEEE publications through the Journal Articles and Conference Papers portal, which is one way to locate the articles on Odysci.

Odysci offers the chance to search for and interact with these articles in new and innovative ways. As with other databases, Odysci provides reference and “cited by” information (although, since the site is in beta, this information isn’t complete yet), as well as a tool for creating your bibliography. A unique feature is the ability to comment on a publication, much like you would comment on a blog post or a news article.¬† You can also “follow” an article and receive alerts about comments¬† or activity for that article if you register with Odysci.The Odysci team hopes that their portal will allow for a free exchange of information and benefit the technical community. Try it out by clicking on the link above.

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