End of a very short era? And, getting students to the library.

I seem to be losing steam with this Litbrarian blog, partly because I am not convinced there is anyone reading it, so I’m considering whether to retire it at the end of this season.  Would you miss it if it were gone? (If yes, please leave a comment!)

In the meantime, here is a recent article in the Chronicle by Todd Gilman, an English Librarian at Yale.  In the article, Gilman offers suggestions for augmenting students’ research skills in meaningful ways that focus on research practice rather than overemphasizing tools for research.

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  1. martab says:

    Thanks, Zoe and Caroline for your supportive feedback! As it happens, I am now in serious conversation with individuals from several campus units related to digital humanities activities and we are thinking of team blogging. I would very much like to broaden the reach of this blog and still be relevant to scholars in my subject areas and it seems to me that focusing on digital humanities is one way to do this. And one of the things I would like to explore is the relationship between our digital collections and our “traditional” collections–i.e., between digital humanities scholarship and “traditional” humanities scholarship–so I would still be talking about things relevant to those faculty and students at UCLA who do not consider themselves to be plugged into the world of digital scholarship. More soon!

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