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Link your UCLA web project to Calisphere

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

I just received this announcement from the California Digital Library, inviting University of California scholars to link their digital projects from CDL’s digital archive and gateway site, Calisphere.  Adding our web-based digital projects to Calisphere will undoubtedly increase their discoverability, so I encourage any UCLA scholars to submit their URLs to Calisphere.  If you have any questions about Calisphere or this invitation, I am happy to field them.  If you have copyright concerns related to putting your digital projects into Calisphere, I can help you think through those decisions as well.

Do you have a web site you’d like to share that has been created by a UC campus faculty member, librarian, or researcher?  Would you like to raise the visibility of a web site you’ve created?  Is it an online exhibit, curated collection, or thematically-based grouping of materials?  Does the web site feature resources such as photographs, maps, historical documents, current articles and research, multimedia, electronic books, or other online resources?Let us know!  We’d like to add it to Calisphere.


Calisphere, managed by the California Digital Library (CDL), provides public access to primary source materials and freely available UC-created web sites. Calisphere offers more than 150,000 digitized items—including photographs, documents, newspaper pages, political cartoons, works of art, diaries, transcribed oral histories, advertising, and other unique cultural artifacts—selected from the libraries, archives and museums of the UC campuses, and from cultural heritage organizations across California. Calisphere is also a gateway to UC-created web sites that reflect the diverse interests and scholarship of UC, including the humanities, social sciences, math, and science resources. To date, we have published citations to over 500 websites—and we’d like your help to expand our registry.

Who uses Calisphere?

Calisphere is freely available to the public and is used by a broad range of people including UC students, K-12 educators and the general public.  By incorporating UC sites in Calisphere, we increase their visibility and make them more broadly available.

Send Us Your URLs

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UCLA acquires Aldous Huxley’s literary archive

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

UCLA Library has acquired Aldous Huxley’s literary archive, thanks to a bequest from his wife, Laura Huxley, who died in 2007.  See this article from the UCLA Newsroom for more details of this impressive acquisition: