19th century UK pamplets in JSTOR

I don’t usually tell scholars to go search JSTOR for something.  Generally speaking, things that are stored in JSTOR show up in searches done in other databases or catalogs and then our handy UC-eLinks service sends you to JSTOR to get the text in question.  JSTOR is definitely good for browsing academic journals, and for certain areas of study it may well be a decent place to search, but you must remember that it doesn’t contain the most recent 5 years of publication.

That said, JSTOR just announced that it is providing University of California Libraries free access to its new 19th Century British Pamphlets collection until June 30, 2009.  This pamphlet collection includes the Cowen Tracts (1603-1898), the (John) Hume Tracts (1769-1949) and the Knowsley Pamphlet Collection (1792-1868).  If you want to browse the pamphlet collection, you can open JSTOR and just type in the name of the collection in the search box.  For example, type “Hume tracts” in the search box to see documents in this collection.  Alternatively, you can open this link  in JSTOR if you are connected to the UCLA network.  Doing so will give you a list of the JSTOR collections that UCLA folks can access.

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