Electronic dissertations and theses – wave of the future? already here?

Those of you who are writing dissertations and theses, along with those of you who may be advising students who are writings such things, may have given at least passing thought to the idea of the format in which that final document will be submitted, evaluated, and disseminated.  There are numerous discussions afoot regarding the need for a shift toward electronic dissertations and theses.  In some cases, these discussions center on the practicalities of having electronic rather than (or in addition to) paper copies to facilitate dissemination and preservation.  In other cases, the question is somewhat more radical, asking what new forms may emerge to challenge the convention of a linear, text-based, book-length argument that prevails in most humanities and social science disciplines.

 To get a handle on these discussions, you can consult the latest version of the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Bibliography by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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