A new LibGuide for the new year

Locating resources for literature-related research at UCLA has just gotten a bit easier.  I have just unveiled the Literature research guide (aka “LibGuide”) to help give you a launching pad for your research.  The URL is easy to remember: http://guides.library.ucla.edu/literature

On the home page, you will find handy frequently used links such as the MLA International Bibliography database, Literature Criticism Online, the library catalogs, and more.  You will also find links to MLA style guides and manuals, as well as ways to contact me for research assistance.  Along the top, there are tabs that organize resources into Reference Sources, Books, Journal Articles, Primary Sources, and Other Resources.  Other Resources includes a growing list of digital humanities sites and scholarly web projects related to literature.

The best thing about the guide is that it is adaptable.  I will continue to add new resources as I come across them.  You are welcome to leave comments about what is useful or what you would like to see added to the guide.  Is there a particular database or resource that you use frequently?  Let me know and I can put it on the home page to help minimize the number of clicks it takes you to find it.  Is there are more intuitive way to organize the information?  Let me know and I’m happy to work with your suggestions.

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