Some free articles from American Literary History

Because UCLA subscribes to American Literary History, we already have online access to all its articles, but it’s worth knowing that a handful have been made freely available in honor of the journal’s 20th anniversary.

*Celebrating the 20th anniversary of American Literary History*
To mark 20 years of American Literary History, we have made a
selection of articles from the current anniversary volume available
FREE online. To access the articles, simply click on the links below:

*FREE ARTICLES from the 20th anniversary volume*
What Good Can Literary History Do?
Jonathan Arac

National Treasure, Global Value, and American Literary Studies
Eric Lott

Border Literary Histories, Globalization, and Critical Regionalism
José E. Limón

“Are We There Yet?”: Archives, History, and Specificity in
African-American Literary Studies
Xiomara Santamarina

Re-thinking “American Studies after US Exceptionalism”
Donald Pease

Hemispheric Islam: Continents and Centuries for American Literature
Wai Chee Dimock

Scholarship and the State: Robert Greenhow and Transnational American
Studies 1848/2008
Anna Brickhouse

*Table of contents*
To browse the tables of contents and other articles from the
anniversary volume, visit

*About American Literary History*
Covering the study of US literature from its origins through the
present, American Literary History provides a much-needed forum for
the various, often competing voices of contemporary literary inquiry.

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