Spring break is upon us!

As you head into the new quarter, don’t forget to check this blog and the UCLA Library website for upcoming workshops, resources, and events to support your research and teaching.  For those of you who are teaching, don’t forget that yours truly is available to help conduct research instruction sessions in your classes, as are other subject specialists here at Young Research Library. 

Also, as we head into spring, be sure to let me know what you think of our literature-related collections here at UCLA Libraries.  Although I purchase resources throughout the year, spring is the big collections spending push before the end of the fiscal year.  If you think there are important resources we are lacking, let me know.  The budget is very tight this year–and promises to get tighter in the next couple years, thanks to the dismal State budget–so I can’t promise that I will get everything you suggest.  However, bringing these resource needs to my attention will help inform the difficult spending decisions I make over the coming months.

Have a good break!

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