The Stimulus: UC’s undergraduate neuroscience journal

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The Stimulus is the University of California’s journal for undergraduate neuroscience. Hosted by the UCLA Digital Library Program, the journal publishes original research and review articles written by undergraduates as well as commentaries related to all aspects of neuroscience. The primary purpose of The Stimulus is to highlight the outstanding independent neuroscience research conducted by undergraduates across many different programs at the University of California. Neuroscience is itself a highly interdisciplinary field that benefits from interactions among a wide range of traditional academic disciplines, from chemistry and molecular biology to mathematics, psychology, and philosophy. As such, we encourage undergraduate students with diverse interests to submit neuroscience-related work for publication in The Stimulus. For more information about publishing your work in The Stimulus, or if you are interested in joining our staff of student reviewers and editors, please contact

The Origins of Comparative Religion: Jean Frederic Bernard and Bernard Picart’s “Religious Ceremonies and Customs of All the Peoples of the World”

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This joint project with the Getty Research Institute was inspired by the theme of the 2006-2007 Getty scholar year: Religion and Ritual. Three of the ten scholars that year, Lynn Hunt (UCLA, History), Margaret Jacob (UCLA, History), and Wijnand Mijnhardt (University of Utrecht), shared research on this multivolume encyclopedia, originally published in French (8 vols.; Amsterdam, 1723-1738), and subsequently translated into Dutch (6 vols.; Amsterdam, 1726-1738), English (7 vols.; London, 1733-1739), and German (1 vol.; Zurich, 1746). These four editions—held by the Getty Research Institute (French), the UCLA Library (English, Dutch), and the Huntington Library (German)—originally digitized for use by the Getty scholars, are now available through the UCLA Library website. » Read the rest of this entry «