Lake Arrowhead in the 1920s – Images of “Hollywood’s Playground” in the Adelbert Bartlett Collection

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Young people in motorboat "Graceful," Lake Arrowhead, 1929

Aquaplaning and rodeos, jazz bands and golfing – what’s your preference?  Adelbert Bartlett, a photographer who worked mostly in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, made frequent trips to Lake Arrowhead in 1929 to shoot leisure, fun, and growing real estate development in the mountains.

Aquaplaning: the single-board predecessor of water skiing.

The very serious Lake Arrowhead Orchestra, covered in streamers: Ray Hatfield, Bill Ward, trumpet; Don Rice, violin; Bob Brown, banjo; Jimmy Wiggs, Bob Parrett, clarinet; Hap Allen, saxophone.


The Lake Arrowhead Rodeo

Tex Young at the Lake Arrowhead Rodeo

Child actor and rodeo performer Little Buck Dale

Sally Phipps was a young actress who had been in a few films in the 1920s.  Bartlett took her photograph at Lake Arrowhead in a number of poses:

 Bartlett also documented some of the rapidly growing real estate development in the area:

Southern California Building and Loan Association, Lake Arrowhead

Motorboat races must have been exciting...

...and the arrival of the Sikorsky S38-A "The Flying Fish" amphibian plane.

Golf was and still is popular at Lake Arrowhead. The rough areas look pretty rough.

Even deteriorating logging equipment can be an excuse to photograph young women in bathing suits.

Author Bert Levy and cartoonist Clifford McBride, out on the lake

The Ashbridge Flyer

In Adelbert Bartlett's handwritten notes for one set of Arrowhead images, it says: "Best - child on sand." This seems to be the favorite photograph it refers to.


Becky Spiro

UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center

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