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NIH’s All About Grants Podcasts

Friday, March 18th, 2011

The grant application process is a long and sometimes confusing one, but help is offered in the form of free podcasts from the Office of Extramural Research. The podcasts feature interviews with National Institute of Health staff members and are designed to help researchers better understand the grant process. Biweekly updates cover topics such as getting ready to submit, understanding how grants are reviewed, and learning about becoming an NIH researcher.

Since the latest update to the site, two new podcasts are available in mp3 format with transcripts available. The first, Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research, features Dr. Rod Ulane with an explanation of training requirements for responsible research conduct. In the second, Due Dates, Cycles and Award Dates Oh My!, Dr. Sherry Stuesse discusses the timing of grant applications, such as best times to apply and how long to expect to wait for a reply.

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The Cochrane Library Quarterly Update is Now Available

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

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The Cochrane Library, published quarterly, is accessible via the Biomedical Library web site. It is now approaching 20,000 volunteer medical reviewers and has earned a global reputation as the “gold standard” of evidence-based medicine. Every issue includes podcasts on select key Cochrane reviews. The Issue 4, 2009 Cochrane reviews cover studies— including rheumatoid arthritis, bell’s palsy, vitamin B for heart disease, and Chinese herbal medicines for diabetes prevention

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