Introducing Faculty of 1000 Prime

The Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library recently subscribed to a valuable new resource called Faculty of 1000 Prime or F1000Prime. F1000 creates recommendations of articles in various subject areas by experts in the field.  F1000’s experts not only recommend articles but also rank the articles importance and explain their selections. Every month F1000Prime publishes more than 1,500 recommendations of articles published in biology and medicine, providing expert commentary on the top 2% of articles indexed in PubMed. Over 3,700 journals have been covered already.

F1000Prime allows scientists to stay up to date on new publications and explore new areas of interest. Additionally, F1000Prime offers an online Journal Club tool to help scientists create, organize, and share conclusions.

For more information on F1000Prime please click here.

<submitted by Liz Goralka>

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