New PubModel for PubMed Citations

In mid-June 2013, a new publication model (PubModel) called Electronic-eCollection was introduced for PubMed citations from electronic-only journals. The PubModel value is carried in the journal citation and is used for the citation display in PubMed. The new value Electronic-eCollection means an article is published electronically on a specific date (this date must include year, month, and day in numerical format) and then is also associated with an electronic collection date (akin to an issue; this date can be a year or a year and month, but never a year, month, and day). NLM determines the PubModel based on the data submitted by the publishers.

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<Originally published as Knecht LS. New PubModel for PubMed Citations. NLM Tech Bull. 2013 Nov-Dec;(395):e2>

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