A Few Bones, Picked

Just in time for October 31: a mini-exhibit on skulls and skeletons, at the UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library.

In the lobby, spend time with patent medicine calendars based on the late-19th century “skeleton sketch” illustrations of St. Louis physician/artist Louis Crucius. In the adjoining case, a skeletal tribute to the UCLA Tobacco-Free Campus initiative sits next to Frederik Ruysch’s early-18th century bizarre natural history tableaux.

We just received the Ruysch work back from the UCLA Library Conservation Laboratory. Amanda Burr recounts her experience with the volume in her October 30th posting on Preservation, “a weblog about preservation, conservation, and the stewardship of the UCLA Library’s collections.”

Upstairs, on the 4th floor, find Albinus’ human skeleton posing with Clara the rhinoceros (1767), Cheselden’s vignette of using a camera obscura to accurately draw his skeletons (1733), Jacques Gamelin’s work on bones and muscles intended specifically for artists (1779), and Bern Dibner’s 1963 history of Roentgenology.

Russell Johnson
History & Special Collections for the Sciences
UCLA Library Special Collections

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