Introducing SimplyMap

Ready to get mappin’?

The new, interactive tool, SimplyMap 2.0 has been licensed on behalf of the entire UCLA community by the Management Library. This web-based mapping program lets you create maps, tabular reports, and rank variables all on one screen. Variables can range from consumer healthcare expenditures to market segments of a chosen demographic. Data used for mapping or ranking can be taken from the 2010 and 2000 Censuses, or variables can be chosen by a specific year.

Location choice can range from the entire US to counties to block groups, and tab functions provide a convenient way to create and work with different maps and tables at the same time. The simple design makes it easy to choose and organize variables and locations, and the map feature has a Google Maps-like quality.

The Tabular Report function is good for comparing the same variable over time, in different regions, or multiple variables. For example, you can track the amount consumers spent on oral hygiene products of a chosen state, county, or zip code in a year, and can even look at future predictions. You can add as many locations, variables, and years as you want and export to an Excel file or email the tables when you’re done.

You can create an account to save your work, or use the link under the Sign In button to login as a guest. You cannot save work in SimplyMap as a guest, but you can export or email most creations.

To access SimplyMap, find it in the UCLA Library’s list of databases, or follow this link!

<submitted by Linda Kobashigawa>

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