CITE IT RIGHT: Citing Serial Publications; Theses and Dissertations; and Secondary Citations

This is the eighth in a series of blog posts about AMA style, which is designed to impart the basic rules for AMA citation style for different types of sources. This week our focus is the different AMA styles for citing serial publications; theses and dissertations; and secondary citations or quotations. To learn more about AMA style and this blog series, please see the first post.

Citing Serial Publications

When part of a series, include the name of the series and the number of the publication.


Author(s) (Last name, first and middle initials) or name of organization. Title (in italics). Location of publication (city, state or city, country): Name of publisher; date (year). Name of series and number (if provided).


Nicolaides KH, Sebire NJ and Snijders RJM. The 11-14-week scan : the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities. New York, NY: Parthenon Publishing Group; 1999. Diploma in Fetal Medicine Series.

Citing Theses and Dissertations


Author (Last name, first and middle initials). Title(in italics) [dissertation]. Location of university: Name of university; year completed. (If published use same format as for a book in print. See AMA Manual of Style 3.12.1 ).


Mawhinney LJ. A mechanistic investigation of anesthesia-induced spatial learning deficits in aged rats [dissertation]. Miami, FL: University of Miami; 2011. 

Citing Secondary Citations or Quotations


Author(s) (Last name, first and middle initials). Title of article. Name of Journal. Year; Volume number(issue number): page numbers. Cited by: Author(s). Article title. Journal name. Year;volume(issue): pages.


Steinberg MB, Randall J, Greenhaus S, Schmelzer AC, Richardson DL, Carson JL. Tobacco dependence treatment for hospitalized smokers: A randomized, controlled, pilot trial using varenicline. Addictive Behaviors. 2011;36(12):1127-1132. Cited by: Glover M and McRobbie H. Smoking Cessation. International Encyclopedia of Public Health. 2008; 37-50.

See AMA Manual of Style for further details and examples of all three formats listed above.

Check this blog next week for the correct AMA citation style for unpublished materials and online conferences or presentations.

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