CITE IT RIGHT: Citing Government Publications

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts about AMA style, which is designed to impart the basic rules for AMA citation style for different types of sources. This week our focus is the different AMA styles for citing government publications in print and online. To learn more about AMA style and this blog series, please see the first post.

Citing Government Publications in Print


Author (Last name, first and middle initials) if there is one. Title of Bulletin (in italics). Location of publication (city, state; city, country): Issuing Bureau, Agency or Dept name (abbreviate Dept with no period); date. Page number(s) (if given). Publication number (if specified). Series number (if provided).


CDC’s national immunization survey: methodological problems limit survey’s utility: report to the Honorable Dale Bumpers, U.S. Senate, United States General Accounting Office. Washington, D.C.: United States General Accounting Office; 1996.

Please see AMA Manual of Style Online for further details and examples.

Citing Online Government Publications

Electronic government articles are treated like journal articles and electronic government books are treated like regular ebooks.

Format for online government articles:

Author(s) (last name, first and middle initials) if there is one; Name of agency/organization. Title (capitalize first word and proper names only). URL. Published (date). Updated (date). Accessed (date).


Sahyoun NR, Lentzner H, Hoyert D, Robinson KN; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, Trends in causes of death among the elderly. Published March, 2001. Accessed September 30, 2011.

Format for online government books/monographs:

Author (Last name, first and middle initials). Title (in italics). Location of publication (city, state or city, country): Publisher; date. URL. Published (date). Updated (date). Accessed (date).


Bromfield, EB, Cavazos JE and Sirven JI. An Introduction to Epilepsy. West Hartford, CT: American Epilepsy Society; 2006. Accessed September 30, 2011.   

Please see AMA Manual of Style for further details and examples.

Check this blog post next week for the correct AMA citation style for serial publications; theses and dissertations; and secondary citations or quotations.

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