GoPubMed: Provides Additional Sorting Options and Statistics to PubMed Searches

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GoPubMed is a third party search engine which allows users to search the contents of PubMed through a different interface. Any search done in GoPubMed should search the contents of PubMed and should yield the same results.

Searching in GoPubMed provides more options for sorting to the searcher than PubMed. When a search is performed, the results list not only the titles and abstracts of the matching articles, but GoPubMed also allows the user to see statistics about the articles, such as how many of the articles in the results were published in a given country. In some cases, the “top author” is listed, identified by the number of articles they have in the search results.

GoPubMed also allows the searcher to filter results by:

  • “what” – which contains the terms and knowledge base concepts related to your query
  • “who” -  authors contributing to the articles
  • “where” – where the authors and institutions for the article are located, as well as a limit to specific journals or high impact factor journals as a group and
  • “when” – the year the articles were published.

What GoPubMed does not allow for is advanced searching. It does not have the ability to place limits on the search, such as type of article, language, gender, age, etc. It also does not allow the searcher to limit the search to full text nor does it connect with the UC-eLinks menu.

GoPubMed’s interface is busier then PubMed’s, perhaps to the point of being visually overwhelming for some. Everything is viewed in one window. When one wants to see a full abstract of one of the articles in the results, rather than opening in a new window, the abstract just expands in the original results list. 

Overall, GoPubMed may be useful to those who are interested in the background of the literature on a topic, but as far as the ability to do specific searching for any given topic, it offers little benefit. For specific questions where a thorough search of the literature needs to be conducted, PubMed is recommended.

 <submitted by Caprice Roberson>

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