Global Health Awareness Week: “Sick in the City: exploring health through art”, April 5-9


Coordinated by UCLA and USC Public Health graduate students, the goal of Global Health Awareness Week is to stimulate dialogue on global health issues. This exhibit by local artists includes photography, sculpture, and prints to describe urban health to broaden perspectives beyond the scientific understanding of health and into the realm of human experience.

Curated by Christina Batteate and Sarah Chenault, represented artists include VĂ©ronique Roblin, Marika Krissman Tsircou, Billy Ray Wilames, Klara Pokrzywko, Merri Martin and Hy Doyle.

There will be a closing exhibition with additional works including performance art on Saturday, April 10, 5-7 p.m. in the Neuroscience Research Building Auditorium.

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