Looking for Funding? Try ScanGrants


ScanGrants, developed by Samarian Health Services, is designed to facilitate the search for funding sources to enhance individual and community health. The funding sources listed here may be of interest to virtually anyone associated with the health field at UCLA. Funding sources most frequently listed here include those of private foundations, corporations, businesses, and not-for profit organizations. Finding and listing less traditional funding opportunities is also a priority. Federal and state funding sources are typically not included on ScanGrants because they are readily available on other sites.

<submitted by Tania Bardyn>

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  1. Hope Leman says:

    Hi, Tania. Thanks for the nice writeup–we are honored to be mentioned by you all at the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library. Thanks so much. We really do try to provide a useful, free service to those in the health sciences.

    Nice blog, by way.

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