Convert a PubMed ID to a PubMedCentral ID

PubMed has created a new tool to convert PMCIDs to PMIDs and vice-versa. Every article citation in PubMed is tagged with a PubMed ID (PMID). Every article deposited into PubMedCentral  is tagged with a PubMedCentral ID (PMCID). Unfortunately, there is no linkage between these two different identification numbers: a PMCID has no correlation with a PMID.

The new PMID:PMCID Converter, created by the National Library of Medicine, makes it easy to look up a PMCID number by PMID, or look up a PMID number using the PMCID. Please note that not all articles indexed in PubMed are deposited into PubMedCentral, and not all articles in PubMedCentral are indexed in PubMed.

A recently-enacted National Institute of Health (NIH) policy requires all articles arising from NIH-funded grants be deposited in PubMedCentral. This policy also requires NIH grant applications to include PubMedCentral IDs for individual articles cited in the application (if the article is deposited in PubMedCentral).

Have questions about complying with the NIH access policy? Visit the UCLA Library’s  NIH Access Policy web page to get answers and get connected to resources to assist you.

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