e-PUB: A Roundtable on Design, Technology and Meaning-Making in 21st Century Academic Publishing

November 5th, 2010; 1:00-5:00
The EDA at The Broad Art Center, UCLA

Peter Lunenfeld, Professor, UCLA Design|Media Arts
Doug Sery, Editor, MIT Press
Leah Lievrouw, Professor, UCLA Information Studies
Brian Roettinger, Designer, Hand Held Heart
Chandler McWilliams, Artist/Programmer, UCLA Design|Media Arts
David Ulin, Book Critic, Los Angeles Times

The impact of new technologies on publishing is inescapable, from e-readers like the Kindle to new platforms like the iPad, printing-on-demand to the growth of electronic libraries. There has been much discussion within the scholarly community about the transformations of journals and textbooks, but less about those two mainstays of academic humanities publishing: the monograph and the edited collection. This roundtable brings together a range of stakeholders — authors, editors, publishers, designers, programmers, and critics – to discuss the future of long form discourse in the 21st century. The roundtable offers the chance for panelists and audience alike to talk about our thoughts on, experiences with, fears about, and hopes for academic book publishing in the coming decades.

Leah A. Lievrouw’s research and writing focus on the relationship between media and information technologies and social change. She is the author of Understanding Alternative and Activist New Media, co-editor of the Sage Benchmarks in Communication: New Media as well as The Handbook of New Media.

Peter Lunenfeld’s books include The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading, USER, and Snap to Grid. He is editorial director of the Mediawork project for the MIT Press, and is involved in UCLA Digital Humanities initiatives.

Chandler McWilliams, with a background in film, political science, and philosophy, views coding as a new way of making, one that eschews the traditional distinctions between the creative and the logical. He is the co-author of Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture. His current work focuses on themes of non-linearity, affect, repetition, and epistemology.

Brian Roettinger works primarily as a graphic designer under the moniker Hand Held Heart. He co-edited and designed his most recent book, Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA. A Grammy nominee, he was Rolling Stone’s 2007 Album Designer of the Year. He is the Arts Council Visiting Professor at DMA for 2010-2011.

Doug Sery is Acquisitions Editor for The MIT Press. He is responsible for, among other areas, the Leonardo book series on art, science and technology and books on New Media.

David L. Ulin is book critic of the Los Angeles Times, where for five years, he was the paper’s book editor. His new book is The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, other books include The Myth of Solid Ground, and the Library of America’s Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology. He teaches in UCR’s low residency MFA in Creative Writing.

The e-Pub Roundtable is organized by Peter Lunenfeld and sponsored by the UCLA Department of Design|Media Arts.

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